Build That Muscle

By: Kristen Lindsey-Dudley

Research continues to support building muscle for improved health. An article in Tufts describes how building muscle can reduce development of diabetes. National l fitness guidelines recommend performing strength building exercise at least two times per week, yet many individuals fail to attain that athletic goal. Every Monday and Friday at 7-8 am I attend a free Kettlebell class at beautiful Ala Moana park to get my muscle building incorporated into my weekly exercise regimine. Classes are Mon, Wed and Friday, and the beautiful scenery, comradre, and challenging exercises make it an enjoyable experience. You can check out this web site for more details about the class.

The Mon, Wed, Fri kettlebell class ready for a workout.

The Mon, Wed, Fri kettlebell class ready for a workout.

Unable to make a kettlebell class in the early morning? Bodyweight exercises like push ups, pull ups and air squats are just as useful for building relative strength. Most parks have fitness equipment where you can perform the aforementioned exercises, and because of the open space, you are not limited to certain times of the day to workout. Incorporating compound movements like squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and bench press also increase muscle building as well as create great core strength and flexibility. Using a TRX or resistance bands are additional exercise options that takes the monotony out of weight bearing workouts, and learning from a certified personal trainer gives you information on how to incorporate a safe and effective weight training program into your routine.

TRX auspension trainer

TRX suspension trainer

Exercise is important in building muscle, but so is adequate fluid, carbohydrate, and protein intake. Fuel your muscles pre and post workout (and throughout the day), and eat enough macronutrients so your body is able to utilize that energy for overall development. Everytime you perform weight bearing exercises, small tears break down your muscles. Resting those body parts ensures those tears rebuild, and only through periodic rest days do muscles fully strengthen and grow.

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