Nutritional Therapy Consultanst Inc. aims to help individuals find health and wellness through nourishing the body and mind.  Whether you’re struggling with an eating disorder or want to learn more about the connection between proper nutrition and overall health, NTC is able to provide you with the support and education you need.

Kristen Lindsey-Dudlety is a registered dietitian with a Masters Degree in Public Health Nutrition.  She has specialized in treating eating disorders for 30 years, and currently owns and operates Nutrition Therapy Consultants, Inc.  Kristen has also worked with the Kapiolani Counseling Center’s eating disorder clinic for 13 years, and co-wrote the eating disorder protocol at Kahi Mohala, where she also managed their inpatient eating disorders program for 17 years.  Kristen has been a guest lecturer at national eating disorder conferences, community organizations, and schools.  Her intensive nutrition program has been featured on numerous television programs, radio shows and newspaper articles.  Together with Dr. Neal Anzai and Dr. Robert Bidwell, Kristen coauthored a chapter in the Child Psychiatry Clinics of North America journal titled, Inpatient and Parital Hospital Treatment for Adolescent Eating Disorders

Kristen has dedicated herself to helping those afflicted with eating disorders.  The numerous amounts of recovered patients she has treated are a testament to the time and energy she devotes to her practice.  Kristen not only strives to restore a patient’s nutritional status, but also desires to provide them a life and a future free from dieting and eating disorder behaviors.

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