Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery

NTC utilizes Nutrition Therapy and Intensive Nutritional Therapy Groups to assist clients in recovery.  This out patient approach to eating disorder recovery is quite successful, and promotes healthy eating habits and a positive body image.

Nutritional Therapy aids in restoring a patient’s nutritional status.  This is vital in the treatment of eating disorders.  The patient’s treatment team is comprised of a dietitian, psychiatrist and physician—this interdisciplinary team assesses the patient’s nutritional patterns and the physiological components of the illness.  After an initial nutritional assessment, individualized meal plans and behavior program(s) are developed to support recovery.  Family and friend involvement and education are also encouraged to aid patient progress.

Intensive Nutrition Therapy Groups are designed to help patients make behavior changes necessary to recover from an eating disorder.  During group time patients eat a meal together and are educated on the psycho-educational components of recovery which include:

  • Semi-starvation effects on behavior
  • Nutritional aspects of the meal plan
  • Socio-cultural pressures that promote negative body image
  • How to manage eating in social situations

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