Words of Growth

We are all products of our environment. Whether you grew up in a single family household or were fostered by the love of both mother and father, the actions your parent(s) made affected the way you processed society’s ideas and notions of health, wellness, and beauty. This article from the blog “Beauty Redefnied” is a passionate cry to women (and men) to evaluate and change the way they treat and view their bodies. While the public may not think harmless words like, “Ugh, I’m so fat”, mean very much, that type of comment coupled with negative visuals about being overweight are significant, and can lead to future generations having detrimentally harmful opinions about their own bodies.

Take the time to reflect on whether your daily words and actions could have positive or negative consequences on the youth around you–then vow to stop the damaging self talk, and take a proactive step towards changing the future for our youngsters.

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