Stop the “Fat Talk”!

Eavesdrop into most conversations between women and you’ll be sure to hear some level of “fat talk” circulating. What is “fat talk”? Simply put, it’s verbal dialogue that places negativity on a person’s body and/or body parts, resulting in internal distress and a feeling of inadequacy. “Fat talk” may resonate in an individual’s thoughts, but saying these words out loud often times leads to others around that person also engaging in the conversation. This article from The New York Times documents how these aesthetically driven comments can lead to eating disorders, low self esteem, and an overall negative attitude about oneself. What can you do to end these appearance driven remarks? One solution to stop “fat talk” is to steer the conversation away from body centered comments–another is to strongly state that you don’t appreciate that type of conversation in your midst. Whatever option you choose, know that your actions towards living a life NOT centered around weight, clothing size, and body parts helps make our culture more accepting and loving towards individuals of all shapes and sizes.

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