Love Your Body

The glossy magazine cover beckons to you. Bold highlighted phrases such as “Blast Your Booty in 3 Easy Moves!”, and “Please Your Man in the Sack!” shares space with the svelte, sinewy model or actress posing with a gigantic toothy grin. The message is clear. Look like her and be happy. Acheive aesthetic perfection (because our culture values it), and morph yourself into a people pleaser. This article from Lift Big, Eat Big discusses this social paradigm, and prompts women to buck the system. Rather than worry about getting 6 pack abs, focus on what your body can DO rather than spend energy and time scrutinizing every body part–because truthfully, aren’t we a WHOLE being and not merely “parts”? Exercise healthfully, and fuel properly to enure you are replenishing your body. Don’t worry about the size of your butt, legs, or arms. Put athletic performance goals before physical and superficially driven ones. Make a statement by not buying these magazines, and instead celebrate the strength and body you have.

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