Fat-Talk: Stop it NOW!

The media bombards us with images of expertly photo-shopped models, making the public believe this type of “beauty” is attainable and necessary to be accepted and happy. Friends bemoan to one another about the size of their thighs, arms, and stomachs, pinching excess skin and wishing for a smaller body. The idea that “fat” equals ugliness and being “thin” equates with contentment and acceptance pervades our society–and with this ideal comes the disturbing fact that the majority of individuals participate in “fat-talk” (the objectification and discussion of a person’s size). “Fat-talk” is often times glossed over as harmless, yet the effects these words have on an individual’s outlook leaves long lasting consequences. In this article by Rebecca Howden, the writer addresses the negative effects of “fat-talk” on an individual’s psyche and worldview, and urges readers to be pro-active in creating a “fat-talk” free society.

What can we do? Take a stand and stop “fat-talk” by telling as many people as you can that they are worth more than just their bodies.

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