The Gift of Acceptance

The seasons are changing–the air is becoming crisper, Christmas decorations are starting to take shape on front lawns and tress, and the promise of a new year with new resolutions looms on the horizon.  With all of the holiday festivities quickly approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in magazine covers crying, “Lose Weight for Your Holiday Party!”, or “How to Not Gain This Season”.

In this article titled, “When Clothes Don’t Fit”, blogger Kelly describes how negative body image (“Ew, I hate my arms!”) is not only detrimental to one’s self esteem, but also fuels society’s harsh mores females are coerced into believing (“I must fit into this dress”, “I shouldn’t have flabby arms.”).  As Christmas and New Years draws near, make a resolution to love YOUR body the way it was made–give that gift of self-love and acceptance to yourself.

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