Power in Body Acceptance

Sometimes it’s in thoughtful reflection–ruminating about past mistakes, brooding over previous actions–when we can truly unearth and accept our present day existence. In Z Zoccolante’s article, “Stop Freaking Out About Cellulite”, the writer details how she challenged her mind-set, and as a result grew from a past riddled with a negative body image to one that accepted and embraced every part of her being. Body acceptance can be difficult to attain in our aesthetically driven society, but Zoccolante demonstrates that over time a positive outlook on life and a mind “free” from society’s ideals CAN lead to a life of true joy.

1 thought on “Power in Body Acceptance

  1. Z Zoccolante

    Thanks Kristen. This is definitely the message of my post. I’ve found that all women struggle with body insecurities whether it manifests as a full blow eating disorder or not. Words like fat and skinny are so loaded and are so relative in meaning. In the end we are the ones that have to live in our body and mind and it seems futile and sad to keep raging war with ourselves. Appreciation, health (another relative term), and self-love allow us to be happier people and to share more love with others as well as ourselves. With Love, Z


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