Bikini Body?!

Picnics at the beach under a blazing hot sun, barbecues, fireworks, and American flags waving in the air to celebrate the Fourth of July–that’s right, it’s summer. School is out and it’s time to hit the sand and surf, yet for many individuals suffering from eating disorders (and even those without this condition), summer is an anxiety producing time. Magazines, television shows, and other media forms inundate the public with the notion they HAVE TO achieve the perfect “bikini body” in order to don a swim suit. In this post from “The Frisky”, author Winona Dimeo-Ediger dispels the myth you need washboard abs or thin thighs in order to enjoy this wonderful time of the year. So go out and enjoy Hawaii’s beauty this summer season, regardless of what you’re wearing or how you’re body looks…because summer is for enjoying, not analyzing and stressing.

***Note: There is one uncensored word in the beginning of the article.

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