YOU can make a difference

YOU can make a difference.

Let me say it again. Yes, YOU can make a difference.

“But I’m too old.” “I’m too young.” “Who will listen to me?” “Why bother?”

The excuses go on and on, yet in this article from, a 13 year old girl takes matters into her own hands, and writes to a syndicated magazine about their negative depiction of female surfer athletes–and how it needs to stop.

Quite amazing for someone still in middle school.

Quite amazing, actually, for any individual, regardless of age. How often do we share with the world our true feelings and beliefs in such an up front and uncensored manner? Do we care more about others’ reactions to our views, and thus try to gloss over the issues that REALLY bother us?

Maybe we can take a cue from 13 year old Olive Bowers, and speak the truth without fear of rejection or condemnation–because in the end, our words CAN make a difference.

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