Body as an Instrument

The booming brass tuba. The sweet melodic flute. The twangs and brays from a banjo. The sounds we hear from various instruments–wind, brass, percussion, and string–are all unique in their own way. Musicians spend their lives perfecting the art of performance, and playing a song with a certain amount of style and uniqueness contributes to the audience’s overall listening enjoyment.

Now imagine your body as an instrument. How do you use your arms, legs, brain, and heart to create beautiful melodies and harmonious lines? Do you maintain your instrument through cleaning care and tune ups? Or do you merely set it aside, praying the next time you use it it’ll be in playable condition? In this article from, the author likens our bodies to instruments, with the clear instructions to see your physical self as more than just parts. Let your body’s intricacies and different parts be used as one, just like the violin’s strings, wooden body, and horse-haired bow are pulled together and utilized to create pleasing symphonic masterpieces. Like an instrument, your body is a capable of producing something extraordinary–if taken care of, respected, and used to its’ full potential.

Sure, we may judge music, saying we prefer certain artists and styles of songs to others. On that same note, do we do the same with bodies? Do we walk down the street envying a girl’s skinny thighs, or sneering at the slightly bigger woman at the store? Think about how you use your body, but more importantly, if you judge others’ bodies with a critical eye. Doing so not only damages your self image, but also perpetuates a social norm of seeing inherently beautiful beings as mere parts.

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