The Power of Words

The Bible talks about how words can be a double-edged sword: uplifting words enhances a person’s self esteem, while hurtful comments harm that individual’s sense of self. Much in the same way, words plastered on magazine covers and strewn on television shows and commercials have the ability to form our standards of beauty–and ultimately, how people in our culture view themselves.

In this article from Dr. Kelly Flanagan, he laments how media-inspired words can be detrimental to his daughter’s self esteem. The doctor then provides a list fatherly words he hopes his youngster will take to heart.

This encouraging post from Dr. Flanagan reminds us of the power of words. Whether it’s phrases we utter to our children, or headline posts on the latest magazine cover, words have the ability to shape a person’s mind and sense of self. So remember to use words of life, self-acceptance and love towards one another–it’ll give you and those around you a more understanding view of the world.

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