Parenting–What to Do

Parenting is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Teaching your child how to sing the ABC’s, tie her shoes, and write her name are memories you (as well as she) will fondly remember. But how do you effectively, compassionately, and lovingly guide your child to live a life that is full of self-acceptance, strength, and inner peace? The article below from the website Hope Avenue gives some ideas on how to nurture your child’s growth by healthfully engaging her physical, mental, and emotional self, so she can use her whole being to live a fulfilling and well rounded life.

Interestingly enough, the article details how you, as a parent, should lead by example. Don’t want your daughter scrutinizing her body? Then don’t stand in front of the mirror making comments about your thighs. Want your child to be a strong, independent woman? Then be one yourself. Whatever words you say and actions you do, your child will quickly absorb and execute in her life. Take this list from Hope Avenue to heart, and strive to live a physically, emotionally, and spiritually sound life–for you and your daughter’s sake.

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