Love Your Body, Love Yourself

It can only take one innocent comment from a friend or a fleeting glimpse of an image on a magazine, to spark a feeling of inadequacy over one’s body. Smiling, svelte models on television and “fat talk” amongst friends can add negative fuel to a person’s low self esteem. In the following blog post on, the author details how her father struggled with accepting his large physique, only to eventually perish from years of dieting and self imposed starvation–all in an attempt to be thin. While the article demonstrates the dramatic lengths one will go to to achieve a “perfect” body, it’s also resounding in that this one man’s attempts to conform to society’s ideals sparked his daughter to accept and love her strong (although less than culturally deemed acceptable) figure. We may not realize how our actions impact those around us, but for better or worse, they do. Thus the questions have to be asked: are your words and behaviors an example of strength and acceptance of the body you were born with? Or does what you say and do demonstrate a dissatisfaction with your physical, as well as emotional, being?

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