Mid-Life Eating Disorders

She’s there everyday, the woman with slightly graying hair, slogging mile after mile on the gym treadmill. He’s there too, the 40 year old man religiously doing bicep curls every morning, stopping every so often to flex his tanned, muscle bound image in the mirror. To the general public these two types of individuals are seemingly the picture of health, yet unbeknownst to the uneducated eye, there’s an emerging sect of individuals that are experiencing the negative repercussions of disordered eating and negative body image: the middle aged “health fanatic” who hopes to reverse aging and lead a “healthier” life through extreme exercise and calorie restriction. In this article from abc.net, mid-life eating disorders are on the rise, yet most individuals suffering from the disease are either in denial, or their warning signs go untreated. Granted, not every middle aged gym goer has an eating disorder, but it’s important to note that the illness can affect ALL people–young, old, male and female. The media infiltrates our minds that “more is better”, so rather than partaking in 30 minutes of moderate walking or running, someone with disordered eating and a negative body image may do an excessive amount of exercise, thinking it will cause greater health benefits. Ultimately, however, living a life of balance with adequate rest, nutrition, and exercise, and is the path to true health–no matter what your age.

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