No More Meme!

Be careful what you read. Facebook, Instagram, tumblr–all of these technological advances are great at connecting you to the world at large, but what happens when those words and images are deceptively false? The article below, taken from the Pugilista blog, details how the authors image was used as a fitspo meme, without her knowledge or concession. The message the “strong is the new sexy” meme delivers is just as deadly and deceiving as the “thin is in” belief years ago. Equating an individual’s worth with how “healthy” or “in shape” she is only perpetuates the subjective ideal that she is only as valuable as how well she look. Like the old adage suggests, you can’t judge a book by its’ cover–so surround yourself with words, images, and people that promote a healthy outlook and attitude, and filter out the false memes that deceptively portray an alternate sense of reality.

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