Model of Beauty

They’re displayed in fashion magazines, tv programs, movies, and runway shows. Their seemingly “perfect” physique are what marketers hope garner our attention, yet many of these individuals suffer from crippling eating disorders and body image issues. Who are we talking about? Models.

While there are a wider range of model types than were popular in the past (different ethnicities, heights, and weights), the long legged, rail thin girl with little to no body fat still reigns supreme in our culture. Case in point: an article recently published by the Huffington Post describes modeling agents attempting to solicit prospective girls at an eating disorder clinic to join their agency. While this situation is appalling, it also leaves us with this question: what do we do to ensure young girls don’t get caught up in this warped and skewed view of “beauty”? Very simply, it starts with YOU, and the small everyday steps you take to promote internal beauty and strength. Talk to youngsters about embracing their individual uniqueness, and praise them for their accomplishments rather than their looks. Avoid fat talk conversations, and be comfortable in our own skin. Be the “model” for living a loving existence, and see how your actions change society’s view of “beauty”.

Read the Huffington Post article here:

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